Advisory Group to Community Land Solutions and the Edge

Summary of 14 July 2020 Meeting

The Advisory group met on Tuesday (7/14) to further define how to involve the greater community. In attendance from CLS were Matt Shearer and Mike Hare. John Ealy, Beth & Joe Gadzik, Richard Lake, Andy Fischer, Paul Keck, John Gambadoro and Neftali Rivera each attended. Two homeowners (John Perkins and Christie Ellis) were unable to attend.

Participant Selection and/or Additional Participants

The Group discussed how to address up to 20 homeowners who felt slighted. An attempt was made to clarify receipt of their information. The difficulties of working with persons involved in active litigation was discussed. The difficulties of large working groups was also noted. The Group decided to keep the Group at 8 participants and prioritize facilitation of “Guest” attendees. Inclusion of the Club West Conservancy was specifically discussed with the Group agreeing to invite their president or alternate representative to attend in the very near future.

Guest Participant Process

Processes for invitation requests and invitations were discussed. The Group determined to make significant efforts to include homeowners with few exceptions. The concept will assure homeowners ability to address concerns, offer suggestions and propose ideas via written communication followed by potential Zoom meeting. Additional participants can be suggested by Group participants and facilitated based on merit. The group will listen, then ask questions. CLS attendees will actively participate when asked by the Group.

Contact Form

The Group agreed to instituting a Contact Form at Homeowners can easily submit what they want to address, offer or propose via the Contact form which will be either aggregated into a Q&A for publication on or discussed as suggestions/advice to the Edge.

Resolution of Golf Course Restoration

The Group discussed the perception that some homeowners believe the golf course can be restored. The Group requested a statement from The Edge that addresses their related efforts and findings be published. The group discussed a need for a person or team with both golf expertise and the ability to raise funds take ownership of a course restoration project. CLS also stressed that vetting rules to evaluate these potential project owners are necessary. CLS agreed on behalf of The Edge to listen to any potential owner and advance any offers within the vetting parameters. The statement of efforts and findings, including initial vetting parameters, will be published by CLS at

Finalize Message to the Community

The Group asked if there were any objections or final revision to their “Statement to the Community”. There were none and the Statement will be published at

Park Concepts and Problem Identification

The Goals of the Park and remediation of current issues with the property was discussed. Property values, security and privacy were discussed at length. A thorough document outlining “considerations” of the project was circulated.

Survey Development

The group will continue to define a survey to be administered and reviewed by a third party. Regular polling of homeowners in FCW HOA was discussed.