Advisory Group to Community Land Solutions and the Edge

Summary of 11 August 2020 Meeting

The Advisory group met on Tuesday (8/11) to continue work on a solution for the Property. In attendance from CLS were Matt Shearer and Mike Hare. John Ealy, Joe Gadzik, Beth Gadzik, Andy Fischer, Paul Keck, John Gambadoro, Christie Ellis, John Perkins, John Rucker, Greg & Sandy Peterson and Neftali Rivera each attended. Richard Lake was unable to attend. Tim McGough, RLA, ASLA Founder and President McGough Group was in Guest Attendance.

Prior Approvals

The Group approved the Summary of the meeting held 4 August 2020.

Introduction of New Advisory Group participants

John Rucker is the newest Advisory Group participant. Greg & Sandy Peterson were formally introduced to the Advisory Group via video as they had technical difficulties last week and could only listen.

Old Business

The Group discussed the shared Drop Box and alternate Funding Methods including those that might assist ongoing Maintenance.

Park Definition

A Group participant pointed out that the term “Park” can mean many things. Lack of water and the need for a sustainable solution was discussed as well as costs. The Group agreed to further define the project as a “Desert Park”. Tim McGough indicated that the most appropriate, best blended to match surroundings and most sustainable “look’ of the terrain would be a very similar to desert areas of The Boulders in Scottsdale.

Scope of Drafts for The Park at Club West

The Group reviewed the process by which the initial conceptual draft will evolve into a finished proposal under guidance of the Advisory Group and community input and commentary. The current timeline calls for three drafts prior to the final design. It was determined that the conceptual layout (map) will be updated with each draft along with a one-sheet description, elevations and pictures or visuals.

Initial Conceptual Draft

The Group was supplied spreadsheets with community comments and suggestions.

Tim McGough, RLA, ASLA revisited several detailed concepts and discussed a variety of amenities with their individual pros and cons. The Group debated the pros and cons of Dog Parks as well as several unique concepts to inform proper dog usage and etiquette. Two participants reported on Frisbee Golf. It was determined that amenity preferences, benefits and usage may be something best put to a survey of the Homeowners.

Other than trails and walking paths, Pickle Ball has been generally accepted as one amenity that should be incorporated due to significant requests from the community. Possible locations were discussed which led to a conversation about amenity location in general. Designating certain areas as the “central” location was discussed and options were debated. The Group decided that the initial draft should have a centralized area adjacent to current HOA Clubhouse and the Pickle Ball Courts should be located near the existing tennis courts. Part of the decision was based on the concept that any amenity which might be used past dusk should be confined to an area that can be properly lighted and secured.

The Group continued to work with Mr. McGough on lighting and usage hours.  As of the first draft, the Park will be closed from dusk to dawn except in a central area.


Meeting adjourned at 7:35 pm.