Advisory Group to Community Land Solutions and the Edge

Summary of 28 July 2020 Meeting

The Advisory group met on Tuesday (7/28) to continue work on a solution for the Property. In attendance from CLS was Matt Shearer. John Ealy, Joe Gadzik, Andy Fischer, Paul Keck, John Gambadoro, Christie Ellis, John Perkins, Richard Lake and Neftali Rivera each attended.

Beth Gadzik was unable to attend.

Prior Approvals

The Group approved the Summary of the meeting held 21 July 2020. The Group discussed a Town Hall style participation process. It was determined that as a park plan was the best solution for the community, the Group would develop a park design and create a timeline with way-points for Homeowners comments and input.

Addition of Advisory Group Participants

This agenda item was omitted and addressed later in the meeting.

Review of 18 Hole Championship Resolution

Group participants again reviewed data presented by the CWC representation. Special note was made of the CWC’s interpretation and summary sent to Homeowners by the CWC president. Several erroneous comments and positions asserted by the CWC were discussed. CLS related details of previous meetings with the CWC to the Group. An effort was also made to understand what the CWC’s preferred outcome was in terms of both the property and their lawsuits. It was determined that as this was the forth attempt, (first by the Advisory Group), to collaborate with the CWC and similar, non-productive, and misleading tactics were employed at each engagement, it was time to move on and focus on a solution.

Old Business

The various methods by which the Homeowners may interact and offer comments and ideas to the Group were reviewed and a methodology of disseminating and replying was outlined for CLS to implement. The Group discussed accessing their shared Drop Box and what was contained there. It was determined that a survey of Homeowners would be more practical as an assessment of different stages of the park plan than as an early gauge of the community. It was noted that the CWC believes they have accurately gauged initial sentiment as 51% prefer a park while 49% prefer a golf solution. As CLS believes the sustainable golf plan proposed by The Edge was the most practical and feasible golf solution, and the Group believes work should begin on a park proposal, the Group again confirmed their desire to begin earnest work on The Park at Club West.

Alternate Funding Resolution

CLS suggested to the Group that they might consider a method of reviewing alternative funding methods.

Park Concepts

CLS confirmed Registered Landscape Architect, Tim McGough, ASLA, would be present for the entirety of the next meeting.

Addition of Advisory Group Participants

This agenda item was address out out of order as originally outlined in the Agenda. CLS informed the Group that if they wanted to add additional Advisory Group participants, CLS would facilitate the process. The Group referred to emails and other contact received since it’s inception and three new participants were suggested.


Meeting adjourned at 7:32 pm.