Advisory Group to Community Land Solutions and the Edge

Summary of 4 August 2020 Meeting

The Advisory group met on Tuesday (8/4) to continue work on a solution for the Property. In attendance from CLS was Matt Shearer. John Ealy, Joe Gadzik, Beth Gadzik, Andy Fischer, Paul Keck, John Gambadoro, Christie Ellis, Richard Lake and Neftali Rivera each attended.

John Perkins,was unable to attend. Tim McGough, RLA, ASLA Founder and President McGough Group was in Guest Attendance

Prior Approvals

The Group approved the Summary of the meeting held 28 July 2020. The Group confirmed a basic Timeline.

Introduction of  New Advisory Group participants

Greg & Sandy Peterson attended via voice only. Other new invitees were unable to attend.

Open Commentary

The Group was asked if there were any immediate concerns that needed to address. There were no issues at this time.

Old Business

The Group discussed the shared Drop Box, The utilization of Contact Form, Email suggestions and suggestions posted via social media. A method whereby weekly spreadsheets would be distributed to the Group was established. The Group was asked to consider and be alert to Alternate Funding Methods including those that might assist ongoing Maintenance.

Park Concept

Tim McGough, RLA, ASLA was introduced and spoke about his credentials and history with building parks and open spaces. He detailed several concepts for such a project and discussed a variety of amenities with their individual pros and cons. He reviewed the Conceptual Drawing of the park and highlighted areas as well as beneficial considerations.

The Group entered into a Q&A with Mr. McGough and addressed specific as well as general concepts and concerns. Lighting and usage hours was a primary topic as well as dog usage and designated dog parks. Community Gardens and securing what such gardens produce as discussed. The importance of connecting to existing trails systems and access points and parking for the entire HOA was also discussed.

A portion of this discussion was dedicated to Pickle Ball and the court requirements, standards and usage. Mr. McGough agreed to get pricing on Pickle Ball courts and CLS volunteered to contact Frisbee Golf Operators of details on the sport.

The Group wrapped up with a summary of concerns and requirements for additional research.


Meeting adjourned at 7:35 pm.