The Advisory group met on Tuesday (7/21) to continue to work on a solution for the Property. In attendance from CLS were Matt Shearer and Mike Hare. John Ealy, Beth & Joe Gadzik, Andy Fischer, Paul Keck, John Gambadoro, Christie Ellis and Neftali Rivera each attended. Two homeowners (John Perkins and Richard Lake) were unable to attend.

Prior Approvals

The Group approved the Summary of the meeting held 14 July 2020 as well as a proposed Resolution of Championship Golf Restoration for publication to

Guest Participant Process

Processes for invitation requests and invitations were again discussed as were protocols when guests attend. CLS attendees will actively participate when asked by the Group. The Group also clarified methodology of their own selection to the Group.

Review of Call with Scottsdale City Manager Bill Murphy

Several members of the Group were able to listen and ask questions during a call with Bill Murphy who was instrumental in the conversion of a golf course to a park. Details were related to those unable to attend and key “takeaways” were discussed. Of note were the costs of the conversion, the continued use of water, security issues and solutions, funding methods and the fact that the adjacent community strongly supported the conversion.

Guest: Club West Conservancy (CWC) President Matt Tyler

Matt Tyler was the first guest of the Group by intention of including the most outspoken in the early stages of the advisory process. The representative from the CWC shared a presentation that included an organization chart of the CWC’s officers, interpretations of an online survey they conducted and their proposed “best solution” for the property: restoring the 18 Hole Championship Golf course. Group participants asked several questions about the feasibility of the proposal and the data presented. The Group was advised that specific people, plans and financing for any of the details within the CWC proposal were, as of yet, undefined. The basis for the CWC position on restoring 18 Hole Championship course was that it could potentially generate revenue provided the owners took advantage of “sweat equity” investments. Mr. Tyler stated the materials he shared with the Group to define the CWC position would be made public. After 35 minutes, the Group and Matt Tyler discussed additional meetings before he logged off.

Guest: Jay Johnson Phoenix Police and Security Consultant

Jay was introduced as an Ahwatukee resident and decorated Phoenix Police Officer. His experience includes head of Super Bowl security, DHS training, security consulting and insurance advisory work. The focus of the conversation pertained to current issues of the property and what solutions were available to secure it. Issues with adjacent homes were addressed a few times as well as problem areas are where people congregate, (like parking lots), inadequate lighting and lack of police presence. Cameras, patrols, lighting and generally eliminating areas where malfeasants might be “comfortable” were discussed. The Group was unclear on some specific details and sought clarification for the next meeting. A Group participant presented information about police methodology in regards to the Club West area and Jay expanded upon that information for the Group. Jay also confirmed he would participate as a resource for the Group. He was thanked for his service and participation and logged off after 20 minutes.


The meeting continued beyond the allotted time and Neftali Rivera was thanked for facilitating the extended time. Methodology of Guest participation was again discussed and the Group agreed to allow Matt Shearer and Paul Keck to develop a program and seek approval of the Group off-line.

Various Group participants logged off as a discussion of the CWC’s presentation and recent contacts form Homeowners continued until 7:40