The Park at Club West (TPACW) Advisory Group Timeline

Below is a proposed timeline to keep our committee on track to finish our task in the time we have allotted ourselves.  This timeline is fluid depending on community input etc.

August 4 – Mike Hare and Tim McGough present the initial plan for The Park at Club West

August 11 – 1st  round of Advisory Group input on initial park design

August 18 – 1st  draft of TPACW design is posted on website for community comment and input    

September 1  – End of 1st community comment period and Group review of comments

September 8 –  2nd round of Group input to the Park plan incorporating community comments and exploring reasons why some comments are not compatible with overall plan

September 22 –  2nd Draft plan posted on Edge website for community comment and input

October 6 –  End of 2nd round of community input and start of final draft of park plan

October 20  – Final draft of park plan is posted on Edge website and ready for presentation to the HOA board

In order to get the word out to the community in a timely manner about when and where they can view the park draft plans, The Edge will contact all homeowners in the community via mail and pursue engagement via other methods.  Relying on social media and email to get the word out will not ensure that everyone has knowledge of the park plans.  We want to be sure the homeowners from the top of 19th Ave to the valley below the church are informed of what we are trying to do.

Invitation to CWC President from Advisory Group

July 16, 2020
Matthew Tyler President
Club West Conservancy 16216 S. First Avenue Phoenix, Arizona 85045

Dear Mr. Tyler:

We share similar goals for the Club West community. We want a thriving, unified community focused on the quality of life for our neighbors. Club West is a great place to live and we both want to make even better.

In that spirit, we are inviting you as the leader of the Club West Conservancy to meet and discuss your ideas and plans for the golf course and our community. We want to work with the CWC and all our Club West neighbors and find some common goals and solutions for the betterment of our community.

We are committed to finding positive outcomes to turn a community challenge into a community asset. We want to focus on common ground, lifting the dialogue and finding a win-win solution. In that spirit, the meeting will not be about legal actions and lawsuits, but about the future of the property.

We have established an 8 member Advisory Group that meets for one hour every Tuesday via Zoom. The Group has established an outreach process to allow community members a forum to provide constructive input at our meetings and to engage in a follow-up Q&A.

We have set aside half of our meeting time on Tuesday July 21st for a representative of CWC to present its vision for the Property. We typically meet from 6:30-7:30pm and your attendance at 6:45 would be ideal and very much welcomed. We would like to provide you an early voice in the process and are hopeful that this will lead to continued engagement and involvement. Please let us know if you or a representative of the CWC can attend.

This invitation has been sent via US mail and email. Please respond via email to assure timely delivery.

Yours Truly,
Advisory Group to Community Land Solutions and The Edge

Phoenix City Councilman Sal DiCiccio; FCW HOA.

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