Statement to Community from the Advisory Group

  1. The Advisory Group is advising and offering suggestions to Community Land Solutions who will work with the Edge to incorporate the desires of FCW Homeowners into a solution for the former golf course property.
    The HOA simply facilitated the process and will now attend by invitation of the Group.
    The Advisory Group can invite Community members to join Group discussions.
  2. While the Advisory Group does not “speak” for the community, they will advocate for the Community at large.
  3. The Advisory Group will oversee an unbiased, third-party survey of the Homeowners.
  4. The Advisory Group will communicate directly with Homeowners via a forthcoming Q&A section or by responding to messages received through the Contact Form at
  5. No decisions are being made by the group. The Advisory Group is tasked with advising and suggesting options to the Edge. The decision to approve any resolution for the property is made by a vote of Club West Homeowners.
  6. The initial suggestions from the Advisory Group and the Community at large will be presented to the Community for comment. Comments will be reviewed and considered with utmost care by the Advisory Group and, where applicable, incorporated into the suggestions for the Property. The revised presentation will then be re-submitted to the Community for another round of consideration and comment.
  7. The Advisory Group has no ownership, related dealings, or direct financial interests with The Edge or CLS.
  8. The Advisory Group will consider all viable funding options for the Park conversion and advise The Edge on responsible development to bridge any funding gaps.
  9. The Advisory Group will assure all Homeowners are aware of the steps that precede a Homeowners vote: advisement, conceptualization, review, open presentation, open houses, informative websites and communications, HOA BOD review, community commentary, final presentation, Homeowners Vote.
  10. The Advisory Group will assure that the Community is provided ample time, communications and access to review any proposal for the property.