A Preview Of How We Move From Better To Best.

Your Input Is Important As We Come Up With The Right Plan For The Open Spaces Of Club West.

We want to give you an early look at some preliminary plans for The Park at Club West. The goal is to get rid of the blight and create an open space for all to enjoy. Since the golf course was abandoned four years ago, weeds and trash were allowed to collect in open spaces. The new owners of the property have been working hard to clear away the debris and weeds and propose some sustainable concepts to transform the property.

Primarily native plants would be utilized that require minimal watering. Some landscapes would be elevated.

The goal is to create a sustainable park that looks natural. Through careful planning the landscape will look as if it evolved naturally rather than a dead golf course that become overgrown or was converted to desert.

The preliminary plans also call for at least five miles of walkways and paths.

These draft concepts prepared by landscape architects will minimize weeds and dust and bring the area to a more natural state. This is a sustainable plan designed to look good from the start and improve in the years to come. Let’s bring some of the breathtaking desert landscapes that surround our community INSIDE our community.

Our work is far from done. We have already revised the conceptual layout to reduce the amount of permanent parking because that is what YOU requested. We are in the process of planning for amenities such as pickle ball, public art, and an enhanced trail system. We are also considering zero-cost or revenue positive concepts such as the Club West Arts Festival with food trucks, host tents, vendor booths and music; as well as an Annual Candlelight Holiday Walk and Homeowner Lights contests.

Doing nothing will make things worse. An 18 hole golf course is neither feasible nor sustainable. We are working on a plan that will revitalize the community’s open spaces so they can be enjoyed by all.

The land set aside for the park would also be donated to the HOA so that the open spaces could be enjoyed by all now, and forever! New permanent CC and R’s would be adopted to make sure these open spaces are properly maintained ensuring this problem never happens again.

We are just getting started and we want your input from the start. Most of us can agree an abandoned golf course is unacceptable. Help us work on a plan that takes our community from good to great.

Email your suggestions to Info@TheParkAtClubWest.com.