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Update From The Park At Club West — July 23, 2020

We Invited. He Spoke. We Listened.

Here Is The Result:  Owners of The Park at Club West Willing to Sell to Vetted Buyer Who Will Operate an 18-Hole Championship Course.

The President of the Club West Conservancy (CWC), Matt Tyler, accepted an invitation to meet with the Advisory Group on Tuesday, July 21, 2020. A copy of this invitation is available here: https://theparkatclubwest.com/invitation-cwc-advisory-group.

Matt Tyler was the first guest of the Advisory Group by the intention of including those most outspoken as part of the early stages of the advisory process. As President of the CWC, he shared a presentation that included an organization chart of the CWC’s officers, interpretations of an online survey they conducted and their proposed “best solution” for the property: restoring the 18-Hole Championship Golf Course.

Group participants asked several questions about the feasibility of the proposal and the data presented.  Mr. Tyler stated the materials he shared with the Group would be made public.

As a result of this meeting and the on-going perception that Homeowners in our community believe restoring the 18-Hole Championship Golf Course is a possibility, The Advisory Group requested a published statement from The Edge that addresses their related efforts and findings.

The group discussed a need for a person or team with both golf expertise and the ability to raise funds take ownership of a course restoration project. Community Land Solutions also stressed that vetting rules to evaluate these potential project owners are necessary.

CLS agreed on behalf of The Edge to listen to any potential owner and advance any offers within reason. The statement of efforts and findings, including initial, common sense vetting parameters, will be published by CLS at TheParkAtClubWest.com:  https://theparkatclubwest.com/final-opportunity-restoration.

In short – the CWC believes a fully restored 18-Hole Championship Golf Course at Club West is an attractive investment and in the best interest of all the Homeowners.

Community land Solutions, on behalf of The Edge, has agreed to facilitate the potential investment by the CWC or any other properly vetted operator.