Cleanup Starts At Closed Down Club West Golf Course

Cleanup Starts At Closed Down Club West Golf Course

The dumpster, trash and the tires have been removed along with other trash and debris.

New owners are removing weeds and trash from Phoenix course.

(AHWATUKEE) — Clean-up efforts have begun at the closed Club West Golf Course in Ahwatukee after new owners finalized their purchase of the property.

The Club West course has been closed since 2016. The course is littered with weeds, dead plants, brown grass as well as trash and graffiti. The clubhouse has been secured following numerous break-ins and vandalism which included extensive destruction of the interior and the breaking of all its windows.

Plans to clean up the entire Club West course commenced this week. Trash and weeds, some of which are more than 6 inches high, will be removed.  Dead plants will also be taken out by maintenance crews hired by the new owners. The entire course property will be cleaned up.

The community deserves much better than the eye sore the land has become over the past four years. The new owners hope the cleanup will breathe new life into the dead property and be the first step in the restoring and revitalizing what was once a ‘jewel of the community’.

The owners will give regular updates to the Club West HOA.

Revitalization plans for the closed course include developing a new park and greenbelt. Those plans could include a rose garden and sculpture garden with new owners hoping to convey the park to the Club West HOA as a community asset.

Plans will eventually go to Club West homeowners as well as the city of Phoenix for approvals.

The owners want to work with Club West residents and the entire community on finding a win-win solution that helps property values and quality of life. They want to create a community asset and do right by Club West residents. This comprehensive cleanup is part of that effort.