A Final Opportunity for Full Golf Course Restoration:

The Club West Golf Course has been in disrepair for more than five years and in the last two years has remained in an unplayable condition.

During the proceeding five years, anyone that chose to do so had the opportunity to come forward with realistic and viable plans to purchase the property from Wilson Gee and restore Club West to a beautiful 18 Hole Championship course. 

During the last five years, we are only aware of two attempts:

  • “Save Club West” sponsored by Jim Lindstrom in 2016 and 2017, unfortunately this group failed to get enough support and financing from HOA members per their plan.
  • Richard Breuninger’s failed 2017 restoration which yielded four months of winter grass and golf operations (Nov 2017 to Feb 2018) and the sale of all the landscape and golf equipment. Furthermore, the city shut off the water to the property for failure to pay.

We cannot speak directly for Wilson Gee, but we are not aware of anyone or any other group that has offered to buy the property for the purpose of restoring Club West to an 18 Hole Championship course. We can, however, assure you no one has approached The Edge in that regard.

Prior to offering our plan to the community for “The Edge at Club West”, we put extensive effort into finding a solution that would restore Club West to an 18 Hole Championship golf course. After much time and expense, we were unable to develop a viable plan that would fund restoration nor could we find a group willing to take on and finance the task. Water costs and financial feasibility where the main issues. Given these constraints, the best golf solution we and the experts we employed were able to conceive, required a smaller “water” footprint for the restored course. Our plan became a turf-reduced, environmentally and fiscally feasible 18 Hole, 4080 yard golf course and clubhouse formerly known as “The Edge at Club West”. This solution, however, necessitated financing by responsible development in order to ensure no costs to the Association or its members for restoration, construction or golf course operation.

While we have received plenty of suggestions and ideas, no fully developed plans with realistic funding options have been forthcoming. We spoke to several course owners, ownership groups and operators; none were willing to buy the property, restore and operate an 18 Hole Championship golf course.

We are open to any person and or group that wants to purchase the Club West Property and restore it as an 18 Hole Championship golf course. We will seriously consider selling the property for that purpose given all of the following conditions are met along with the HOA BOD approval:

  • A detailed plan for the restoration that includes:  greens, tee boxes, fairways, sand traps, cart paths, markers and signage, the pond, practice putting green, practice chipping area, driving range, restrooms, storage sheds, clubhouse, parking lot, irrigation systems including pump station, and other support structures on the course property. The plan must also include the acquisition of all the landscape equipment needed to maintain the restored course. The plan must include a timeline for restoration and when the course would be open for operation.
  • The plan must include realistic and itemized costs for all items listed in the restoration with a total dollar value.
  • Viable water source, delivery method and water usage plan.
  • The names of the people who will operate the restored course, the expertise, there water plan and realistic 5 year business plan that would sustain operation.
  • Proven sources for: 1) Funds to purchase the land and cover our costs already incurred 2) Funds to fully restore the course as previously outlined above 3.) Funds to initiate operation of the course as business entity given their 5 year business plan.

We will continue with our plans to develop the “Park at Club West” while waiting for someone or some group to come forward with a realistic and viable plan outlined above shortly.

Given the deterioration of the Club West property has been going on for more than five years, we believe that anyone really serious about buying the property with the intent restoring it to a full eighteen hole championship course would have developed viable and realistic plans by now and could submit them for evaluation within 30 days.