Advisory Group Meeting Summary 7 July 2020

The Edge Advisory Group met Tuesday (7/7) to talk mostly about how to involve the greater community in what’s happening. In attendance were Mike Hare, John Ealy, Beth & Joe Gadzik, Richard Lake, Andy Fischer, Matt Shearer, Christie Ellis, Paul Keck, & Neftali Rivera. Two homeowners were unable to attend (John Gambadoro and John Perkins). Two HOA Board members were present at the first two meetings, but are expected to attend future meetings by invitation only.

Here are notes from the meeting:

Ownership & Other Disclaimers

It was again clarified that this is an advisory group to The Edge and not an HOA committee. The group members collectively stressed that they have no financial interest in what’s happening, speak only for themselves, and do not claim to represent others’ opinions. No decisions are being made by this group, and it serves only in an advisory capacity, with planning decisions made by The Edge, and final decisions made by HOA vote.

Member Selection

We touched again on the fact that up to 20 potential members felt slighted, and have stated that they did not receive a follow-up survey to their request to participate. We felt that it would be prudent to get those names and revisit their involvement in the group. We also touched on the intention to bring more people in for “guest appearances” to voice concerns or provide ideas.

Participant Demographics

Here is a summary of where the group participants live, or the organization they represent. We also touched on the need for position statements from each member, but those have not yet been collected.

8 Homeowners both “on-course” and “off-course” (2 “off-course” and 6 “on-course”)

2 members of Community Land Solutions for The Edge

1 Vision member running Zoom


The initial suggestions from the Group and the Community at large will be presented to the Community for comment and revision, but we don’t have a documented process for this just yet. We talked briefly about the intention to produce an unbiased, third party survey. We did not talk about the contents or purpose of that survey. Finally, we talked about the importance of an email address and/or contact form with an associated process so people can voice questions/concerns to the advisory group. This may be coupled with the guest appearances mentioned above to provide anyone with a platform to speak. More info on these coming soon.

Golf Course Restoration

We discussed the potential for restoration, and the reasons it is not being considered as a viable option at this time. The primary reason is that nobody has come forward with the expertise and the willingness to build and run a golf course. Save Club West (SCW) estimated the restoration cost to be $7M-$8M, and The Edge estimated a restoration to cost around $10M. These estimates did not include usable reclaimed water.

Conceptual Layout

We ended the meeting with a map of the property showing various areas suitable for houses, arrival points, gathering areas, and parking lots. This was the first time group participants saw this map, so there wasn’t much discussion about it. It will set the stage for future discussions about what might go where. The Edge stressed a couple things important to them about the project:

  1. They want people to have a true sense of arrival when coming into Club West, and have a really special property for residents
  2. They want to maximize open space and minimize development

This conceptual layout is published here –