The First Town Hall Meeting will be to listen to Homeowner suggestions and comments.

Current overviews, concepts and drawings can be reviewed here:

Conceptual Layout

Draft Concept

Vegetation Catalog

The Town Hall meeting will be conducted via Zoom.  

The meeting will start at 7 pm on Aug 25, 2020. 

Click the link to join the meeting.

Meeting ID: 945 9113 6978

Passcode: 2020

If time allows, each participant who requests time to speak will be provided two minutes.

Please respect the time of others. An honest attempt will be made to provide time to all those who request to speak but should any request not be facilitated, Homeowners are encouraged to submit suggestions and comments to for equal consideration by the Advisory Group. By attending the Town Hall you are agreeing to the Protocol and Rules of Decorum outlined below.

The Town Hall meeting will be conducted in video mode with “Host Only Chat” on.

Please send request to speak to the Host via chat:

While in a meeting, click Chat in the meeting controls.
  This will open the chat window. You can type a message into the chat box


“I’m Rachel Green and I would like to suggest an amenity”

“I am Monica Geller and I would like to explain my concerns regarding …”

“How you doin? I’m Joey Tribbiani and I would like to see more information regarding …”

Meeting Protocol and Rules of Decorum

We should all support and respect an open, fair and factually informed decision-making process, the Advisory Group recognizes that:

  • Civil, respectful and courteous discourse and behavior are conducive to the democratic and harmonious airing of concerns and decision making.
  • Uncivil discourse and/or discourteous and inappropriate behavior have a negative impact on the character and productivity of the decision-making process.
  • In an effort to preserve the intent of open, fair and informed decision-making and maintain a positive environment for Homeowner input, the following Town Hall Meeting Protocol and Rules of Decorum will be observed.

Compliance with the meeting protocol is expected and appreciated. We encourage Homeowners to familiarize themselves with these protocols prior to offering public comment. In general, please be a good neighbor, respect the process and your community.

  1. Public comment is encouraged and has been facilitated via Contact Form, Email, Social Media, direct contact by Telephone and during the Town Hall Meetings.
  2. The Host will open public comment by announcing the allotted time provided for the comment period and for individual speakers. Each individual wishing to be heard during the public comment period, will be given up to 2 minutes to make a comment.
  3. Speaker names, screen names and subject matter will be called by the Host. Please provide your name and identify what you will be addressing via Chat with the Host as outlined above.
  4. Comments within the Town Hall meeting will not be used to air personal grievances, make political endorsements or for political campaign purposes, nor discuss matters which are the subject of public hearings or litigation. Speakers shall address all comments to the Advisory Group as a whole and not to individual participants. Discussions between speakers and members of the virtual audience will not be facilitated.
  5. This time is for receipt of public comment not debate. Questions may always be submitted to
  6. The Advisory Group will listen as opposed to entering into a dialogue and may ask questions for clarification purposes only. Public comment will not be used as a time for problem solving or reacting to comments made but, rather, for hearing the Homeowners for informational and advisory purposes.
  7. Anger, rudeness, ridicule, obscene or profane language, impatience and lack of respect for others and personal attacks are not acceptable behavior. Demonstrations in support or opposition to a speaker or idea are not permitted. The Host is responsible for maintaining order. Failure to abide by this requirement may result in the forfeiture of the speaker’s right to speak.