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*Although we have not yet seen the Court’s decision, we understand that the current legal situation means that Wilson Gee is in contempt of a Court Order requiring him to operate a golf course at the Lakes. What does this mean?

We believe that all this means is that the blight that exists at the Lakes will continue for many more years. The simple fact is that Wilson Gee has indicated that it is not economically feasible to operate a golf course at the Lakes and he will not operate a business to lose money. Who would? Under these facts, what are the potential scenarios at the Lakes?

First, Wilson Gee could file bankruptcy. If he does that, we assume that if the property were to be sold out of bankruptcy any buyer would require that the Bankruptcy Court extinguish the CCR’s and the property be sold unencumbered. If that happened, we assume that a developer would attempt to maximize development on the property.

Second, Wilson could do nothing and let the taxes and fines accrue until someone forecloses on the property. Knowing that anyone who forecloses on the property will have to operate a golf course makes it highly unlikely someone would foreclose unless they could figure out how to do it and have the CCR’s removed. Third, Wilson could appeal to the United States Supreme Court which means nothing will happen on the property for some time.

Lastly, the parties could negotiate a settlement which involves some compromise that includes some development and open space. Obviously, this is what makes the most sense for the residents of the Lakes and the Community and this choice would avoid years of uncertainty and unnecessary litigation.

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*We are continuing to address questions and concerns at our Advisory Group meetings and will continue to adjust and evolve our process accordingly.

*Summaries of Advisory Group meetings are available at

*In the next few weeks, updated versions of The Park at Club West’s initial conceptual layout and design will be made available to the community for public input. This is just the beginning of a plan. The goal is to create a sustainable park that looks natural. Through careful planning the landscape will look as if it evolved naturally rather than a dead golf course. Ultimately, Club West open space will be dedicated to the HOA, legally requiring it to remain that way forever.

*We have reviewed submitted constructive comments and suggestions for The Park at Club West to date and will being conducting virtual Town Hall meetings with the community to discuss particular concepts and ideas with the Homeowners directly. Your input will continue to evolve our plans and make them better before you, The Club West residents, ultimately vote on a detailed plan.

*It’s time for Club West neighbors to work together with the HOA and the new owners to do what’s best for Club West and their community. A vote among homeowners will make sure all residents and neighbors’ voices are heard on the future of the Club West community – we want everyone to come to the table.

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